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Match Trigger Kits now available!

Get your hands on our highly anticipated match trigger kit at an introductory price of just £149.99!

This kit features an easily adjustable pull weight, simple installation, reduced over-travel, and improved reset, making it the perfect addition to your setup. With a pull weight starting at around 4-4 1/2 lbs, you can customize your trigger to your liking.

Plus, the intuitive design ensures quick and efficient installation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your shot placement and take follow-up shots with ease. Order now!

Gunsmithing Services Now Available

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer comprehensive Gunsmith services, from stock finishing and servicing all the way through to custom competition builds. We also cover Gun Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs of all makes and models.

With no job too big or small, get in touch now and we will be glad to help.

See our new Beretta 1301 Lifter in action:

Have you seen our new 2-piece Shell Latch? It makes loading a breeze! It's now IN STOCK!

Our Beretta, Benelli, Breda, Remington, and Stoeger Auto-Loading Lifters are also IN STOCK and ready for next-day shipping!

Select your Auto-Loading Lifter below:

Beretta 1301 Auto-Loading Lifter

Auto-Loading Lifters for the Beretta 1301 are now IN STOCK!

Auto-Loading Lifter (Stoeger M3000)

Stoeger M3000 Auto-Loading Lifters now available for worldwide shipping!

Auto-Loading Lifter (Breda B12i)

We have Breda B12i Auto-Loading Lifters in stock with next-day shipping! Order yours now and get the edge over your rivals!

Remington Versa Max Auto-Loading Lifter

Buy an Auto Loading Lifter for your Remington Versa Max!

Auto-Loading Lifter (Benelli M2)

Our Benelli M2 Auto-Loading Lifter is our highly acclaimed upgrade for your Benelli M2, which is simply a must-have if you're serious about competition.

Get the edge over your competitors

Developed by former world champion Josh Kenny, our lifter allows you to begin loading directly into the magazine tube, from empty.

Even if the bolt is locked back, load directly into the magazine tube.

The first round will be automatically chambered, leaving the gun ready to fire.

Technical Specifications

Manufactured in the UK by J Kenny & Co, the Auto-Loading Lifter is a quality part which will give you the ultimate advantage when shooting.

Each lifter is carefully made from top quality High-Carbon Steel which has strength and rigidity. It is then nickel plated for optimum finish and style.

We put the lifter through months of rigorous testing and thousands of rounds, to ensure the lifter is 100% reliable in a competition environment

The lifter can be fitted without any modification required to the trigger group at all. Simply remove your original lifter and fit the J Kenny lifter, and you're good to go.

Our lifter uses custom made, heat treated spring steel coil springs which ensure maximum reliability and longevity.

Every lifter sold by J Kenny & Co. is put through a quality control process which ensures each lifter is built to perfection, precision manufactured with accuracy to within fractions of a millimetre;

Precision engineered in-house by J Kenny & Co., we ensure that each and every one of our lifters leaves the factory identical to within fractions of a millimetre, to ensure absolute quality and reliability.


Increased Speed

Our lifter will give you a massive advantage in a competition environment when loading the gun.

In practical shooting applications, the lifter allows the user to increase the speed of loading their gun by more than 30% from an unloaded start.

By negating the requirement to put a round into the chamber and release the bolt, precious seconds can be saved when loading the gun, or while reloading the gun ready for the next flurry of birds to fly overhead.

Run dry mid-stage? No worries!

Gone are the days of running empty, and scrambling to put a single round into the breach before you can load more rounds into the gun. The auto-loading lifter allows you to always load into the magazine tube, no matter what state the gun is in.

Even if you run dry and the bolt locks back, simply load into the magazine tube and the Auto-Loading Lifter will automatically load the first round and close the bolt.

Convenient to use

Our lifter negates the requirement to put a round in the breach and closing the bolt before loading the magazine tube.

Simply load immediately into the magazine tube and our lifter will do the rest - automatically loading the first round, so all you have to do is simply shoulder the gun and fire!


Josh Kenny

Co-Founder: Product Design and Development

A world champion shooter and product innovator, Josh has spent months designing and tweaking the Auto-Loading lifter to perfection.

Performance, Style, and Innovation are the core values of J Kenny & Co.

Corey J Smith

Co-Founder: Marketing, Sales and Investment

The original creator of "CJS Keys", Corey utilises his sales expertise to bring the lifters into mass production and deliver them to a global market.


  • July

    Shipping Begins!

    Lifters begin shipping

    The Auto-Loading Lifter arrives in stock and is released! Available now with next-day shipping!

  • June 2019

    Mass Production

    Mass Production Begins

    The lifter enters mass production, estimated to begin shipping in the first week of July.

  • January 2019


    Design is finalised

    The design is finalised. We begin rigorously testing the lifter to ensure 100% reliability. Countless tweaks to the blueprint were made, re-manufactured and re-tested, to ensure longevity and reliability of the design. Pre-orders open.

  • November 2018


    Research & Development

    From the beginning, J Kenny & Co. had the goal of producing a lifter which required NO modifications to the gun. This was a hard task to achieve and increased the difficulty by a great amount. Nevertheless, Josh managed to come up with a design which used a unique combination of springs to produce a 'drop-in' part which required no modification to the gun. This design was further researched and developed to achieve a quality part with custom made high-carbon-steel torsion springs.

  • August 2018


    Prototyping Begins

    Initial prototypes are built and tested

  • July 2018


    Initial Concept

    The initial concept of the Auto-loading lifter is introduced by Josh Kenny.